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Pink Oyster Mushrooms



Image by Kiwihug


Here you’ll find information on local markets and events we attend, so you’ll always be in the know. Check back regularly for updates.


We offer a wide selection of mushrooms and mushroom based products for restaurants & retailers. To purchase, please fill out the contact form linked below. 


Whether you’re looking for a way to add a unique flavor to your meals, or want to explore the benefits of functional mushrooms, we have you covered. 

O U R   F A R M

Moonlight Harvest is a specialty mushroom farm located in Haughton, Louisiana. We grow a wide variety of culinary and functional mushrooms, from oyster mushrooms and lion's mane to reishi and cordyceps. Our team is committed to providing the freshest and best-tasting mushrooms possible to our community. 

Image by Kiwihug


Our genetics come from reputable, well-vetted breeders, while the substrate used to GROW our mushrooms is of the highest quality & ethically sourced. We believe that the quality of our inputs is essential to producing high caliber mushrooms. 

NO pesticides or sprays are used in our growing process, making our mushrooms 100% natural and safe to consume without washing. Our mushrooms are harvested and packed in a clean environment, ensuring you get the freshest, safest mushrooms available. 



Nothing goes to WASTE. Spent grow blocks are composted and used to enrich the soil. This makes for a fantastic soil amendment by feeding the biology in your soil, resulting in healthy, happy plants. Even our packaging is compostable/recyclable!

Image by Kiwihug


Lacey was born and raised in Bossier City, she discovered her love for mushrooms at an early age through the spice-soaked button mushrooms in family crawfish boils. Her fascination didn't truly take root until 2011 when she had her first encounter with cultivation, and expanded more when she went foraging for morels with her dad in the spring of 2013. From there, her interest in all the funky fungi of the world slowly grew into a passion, and in 2019 she began working to turn her passion into a career. Lacey founded Moonlight Harvest in the spring of 2022. 

Image by Kiwihug
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